Discover a Proven 5-Step Process to Optimize Your Internet Marketing System ... So You Generate More Income Faster, Better and Easier

Increase the pulling power of your web copy ... so you generate more leads and sales
Convert more web site visitors into cash-paying customers
Easily generate bigger and more varied streams of web site traffic from multiple sources
Build strategic relationships with other experts and companies that can help to promote your products, services and events
Leverage social media to build strong relationships and develop a worldwide community of students and customers

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear Internet Marketer,

Auditing your entire marketing system from tip to tail can be scary. Because you quickly realize that there are an unlimited number of opportunities to improve your results.

Plus, it seems like every day brings more fancy tools and hot strategies that "experts" claim you must add to your marketing mix if you want to remain competitive.

It's a little overwhelming, isn't it? Especially if marketing is not a passion and you'd rather just focus on what you're good at delivering.

Well, here's the good news.

I've generated more than $300 million in sales and profits since 1991 ... for myself and clients like Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, 1ShoppingCart Corp.,, Pinnacle Care, Strategic Coach, Trim Spa, and Peak Potentials ... as well as top thought leaders like Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, David Allen, Vic Conant, Brian Tracy, David Bach, Harvey Mackay, Robert Cialdini, Harv Eker, Bobbi De Porter, Michael Masterson, Joe Vitale, Gay and Katie Hendricks, and Bob Proctor.

And I can assure you ... there are only 3 things you must know to master Internet marketing.

Truth #1:
You Need to Focus on Only 5 Key Areas of Marketing

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey describes an experiment that he uses to demonstrate the importance of prioritizing your various to-dos.

The experiment involves a jar, into which you place a selection of rocks, pebbles, sand and water. The only way to make everything fit is to put the rocks into the jar first, followed by the pebbles, then the sand, then the water. Each new element fills in the nooks and crannies around the bigger items.

Putting the elements in the jar in any order but largest to smallest results in running out of room. In Covey's model, the rocks are the items that are most important to accomplish.

But when it comes to optimizing your Internet marketing, this system can produce dismal results.

You see, "optimization" means maximizing your results while minimizing the time, money and effort you expend to achieve the results. And the marketing world's equivalent of pebbles, sand and water usually cost more time, money and effort than the "big rocks" ... and they produce a smaller return on investment.

If you want to maximize your ROI, the only thing you need to worry about are rocks – and only 5 rocks, to be specific.

Pay attention to these 5 "big rocks" ... and you don't need any other rocks.

Nor will you need "pebbles," "sand" or "water."

But there is one small catch...

Truth #2:
You Must Put the Rocks in Your Jar in the Right Order

If your rocks are out of order, you end up wasting time and money ... and producing a fraction of the results that your web site could be producing.

For example, many marketers like focusing on rock #3 – web traffic. There's no doubt that it's important to overall success online.

However, unless rocks #1 and #2 are in place and optimized, you end up driving traffic to a site that doesn't convert. The end result? Visitors leave without buying ... and often are annoyed at you for wasting their time.

When you implement each rock in the right sequence –
optimizing performance before shifting your attention
to the next rock in the system – your results go through the roof.

Which brings me to the last secret you must know to optimizing your Internet marketing system...

Truth #3:
Incremental Improvement Leads to Mastery

One of the most common roadblocks to Internet marketing success is the desire to be perfect. Many marketers get stuck in the mode of trying to make their web sites perfect, because they're afraid of looking like they don't know what they're doing. The result is that they never really get started.

But feedback is essential to getting you to your goal ... and getting things wrong is a natural part of the process.

When a ship leaves port for a journey across the ocean, the captain starts out pointed toward the final destination. But he doesn't sit back, relax and trust with 100% confidence that the ship will arrive safely. Instead, the captain and crew periodically take stock of where they are and then adjust their direction based on the feedback they're receiving.

The simple fact is ... the ship is off course most of the time. But because the crew constantly uses feedback to correct the ship's course, it eventually arrives in its destination.

Every point in your marketing system offers the opportunity to measure feedback – and the opportunity to incrementally improve your performance.

Every ad you're running could be improved in myriad ways, from the headline, to the body copy, to the offer, to the call to action, to the graphics. Every landing page could be improved, from the language, to the design, to the type of interactive elements, and so on. Every video you use, every audio message you rely on, every autoresponder sequence you send out – every single thing offers the opportunity for you to tweak and improve results.

But unless you start somewhere ... you won't know what to improve, nor will you have the chance to improve it.

That's why I always say,
"Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity."

Since launching my Internet marketing business in 2001, I've met and trained thousands of students. I know literally thousands of experts who could be enjoying considerable success online ... but they aren't because one of these 3 truths is stopping them.

I'm writing today because if you want to:

  • Increase your productivity...
  • Attract more qualified leads...
  • Connect with more customers...
  • Boost sales and profits...
  • Develop a bigger and broad reputation as an industry leader...

And you're ready to:

  • Stop wasting time and money on activities that produce little return on investment...
  • Stop beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how to improve web site conversion...
  • Stop trying to incorporate every new tool and strategy that's introduced in favor of focusing only on the essentials...

... then I can help.

Introducing Internet Optimization Secrets

Internet Optimization Secrets™ is a 12-module course that walks you step-by-step through the process of optimizing your Internet marketing ... so you can achieve bigger results with less time, money and human effort.

The program teaches you how to master the 5 "rocks" of Internet marketing:

Rock #1: Social Media
Rock #2: Strategic Alliances
Rock #3: Web Traffic
Rock #4: Web Conversion
Rock #5: Web Copy

Plus, you'll learn how to use proven tools and templates to create a "jar" that boosts your productivity.

Focus on these 5 areas ... and you'll generate more leads, sales and revenue, guaranteed.

I know ... because I use this approach in my own business.

Meet Your Optimization Guide, Alex Mandossian

Hi, I'm Alex Mandossian, Founder and CEO of Heritage House Companies and one of the top online traffic conversion specialists in the world.

Since 1991, I've generated over $300 million in sales and profits for my clients and partners via "electronic marketing" media such as TV Infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, Teleseminars, Webinars, Podcasts and Internet Marketing.

By some measures, my company is small compared to other Internet marketers. I have only 3 employees and outsource the rest to a small team of very reliable vendors.

Although my opt-in email list has grown 500+% since I first started my business, for a long time my list was considered microscopic compared to other Internet marketers who had 400,000, 700,000, and even a million names or more on their lists.

And while my peers were generating tens and hundreds of thousands of web site hits each month ... my main site, for many years, had fewer than 100 visitors a day.

Yet I routinely outsell most of them.

When promoting other experts' events or product launches, I usually finish as the #1 affiliate, even when competing against affiliates whose mailing lists dwarf mine. My web sites are top performers, converting more visitors into qualified opt-ins ... and then converting more leads into customers. My list of subscribers spawns an unusually high percentage of customer evangelists ... students who not only buy from me time after time, but who also become ambassadors of my work, bringing more and more students to my business.

And on the personal front? I enjoy more than 90 free days each year. Those are the days I spend completely devoted to recharging my batteries and hanging out with my family. I don't think about, talk about, or even worry about work.

The 5 rocks I just shared with you are the secret to my success. Optimizing my Internet marketing efforts has allowed me to increase sales and profits ... while investing less time, money and effort.

I want you to enjoy the same increase in freedom, flexibility and wealth that I have. Which is why I've distilled the most essential information I have about how to succeed at Internet marketing into Internet Optimization Secrets.

Take a look at what you'll learn...

How to Optimize Performance in the 5 Most
Critical Areas of Internet Marketing

Module 1: Web Copy (Big Rock #1)

How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your 'Off-Page' Web Copy Marketing Promotions

  1. The 3 critical reasons that web copy is so important for growing your business

  2. The 6-step process that provides the fastest and easiest method for annihilating writers block

  3. The single-biggest mistake that most marketers make when developing their marketing plans and messages

Module 2: Templates (Optimization Jar)

"How to Optimize Tested Templates, Tools and Technologies to Accelerate Business Growth"

  1. The true definition of a template ... and the 3 biggest reasons you should use templates as much as possible in your Internet business

  2. The 4-word mantra that can help you skillfully avoid the costliest mistake that sinks many businesses

  3. A proven 5-step process for implementing templates ... and the part that most people completely miss

Module 3: Web Copy (BIG ROCK #1)

"How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your 'On-Page' Web Copy Marketing Promotions"

  1. The #1 thing that will increase the quality of your life more than any other marketing activity (hint: it all happens on your web page)

  2. Proven strategies to involve more web site visitors and boost your response rates

  3. 9 critical steps to follow if you want to maximize the pulling power of your web page copy ... and the correct order in which to use these steps

Show Me How to Optimize My Copy, Alex! »
Module 4: Web Conversion (BIG ROCK #2)

"How to Utilize Personas to Optimize Online, Offline and In-Store Customer Experiences"

  1. The true definition of a marketing persona ... and the 3 key ways it helps to improve customer experiences and boost results

  2. An introduction to the Platinum Rule ... and how it helps industry leaders rise to the top (adopt this rule to simplify the process of creating a marketing experience that customers enjoy)

  3. A proven 7-step process for developing marketing personas that connect with your ideal customers

Module 5: Web Conversion (BIG ROCK #2)

"How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your Opt-In Pages and Website Promotions"

  1. 3 ways that paying attention to web conversion will benefit your business (hint: most people talk about "conversion rate" ... but this actually only a fraction of what you need to pay attention to)

  2. The 5-step process for improving your web conversion ... and which steps most marketers avoid or overlook

  3. The 4 types of people that will come into your world ... and the type that's most valuable to your business (discover how to nurture the people who become raving fans and refer others to your company)

I Want to Convert More Visitors to Cash-Paying Customers »
Module 6: Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)

"How to Optimize Your Article Marketing to Grow Your Online List Faster, Better, Easier"

  1. The 4 core steps to begin using article marketing to distribute content and build your list

  2. How to become an effective article marketer ... even if you can't write

  3. The hands-down best site to use when distributing your articles

Module 7: Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)

"How to Optimize Online PR to Rocket the Growth and Visibility of your Business"

  1. The 6 steps to building an effective online PR campaign that boosts your visibility and credibility (most marketers skip at least 2 of these steps ... dramatically limiting their results)

  2. How PR can help you reach audiences that other marketing methods don't touch ... particularly those with great influence

  3. Key ways that PR has changed ... and why this is good news for any budget-conscious entrepreneur

Module 8: Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)

"How to Optimize and Cash-In on Your Search Engine Traffic and Pay-Per-Click Advertising"

  1. The 6 most important steps to optimizing your web site for search engines ... so you can increase your exposure, traffic and revenue

  2. Is SEO really worth it? Get the final answer (hint: there are some significant downsides)

  3. How SEO can help you lower your pay-per-click advertising costs ... if done correctly

Help Me Generate More Traffic and Opt-Ins »
Module 9: Strategic Alliances (BIG ROCK #4)

"How to Optimize Your Performance and Profits Through the Leverage of Strategic Alliances"

  1. The key differences between joint ventures and strategic alliances ... and the 3 most powerful ways the latter can help you grow your business quickly

  2. The 5 vital questions to ask before making a strategic alliance ... and the order in which to ask them (most people ask these questions in the wrong sequence, which results in aligning with the wrong companies)

  3. Nervous about approaching potential partners to suggest a strategic alliance? Here are 3 "soft" approaches you can use to indicate your interest without going too far out on a limb

Module 10: Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)

"How to Optimize Social Media Marketing to Attract More Customer Relationships & Profits

  1. The top 3 reasons you can't afford to ignore social media – it's not a fad that will fizzle out 

  2. The 5-phase process for incorporating social media into your marketing mix

  3. Why technology is not important to your social media success ... and what to focus on instead

I Want More Profitable Strategic Alliances »
Module 11: Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)

"How to Optimize Social Media Marketing and Promotional Reach Utilizing Twitter"

  1. Think Twitter is a cute pastime? You won't after you discover these 3 truths about how the micro-blogging platform gives you a huge advantage over competitors

  2. 6 steps to building a profitable and effective Twitter strategy (hint: skip any of these steps and it will quickly become a waste of time)

  3. 6 key questions to ask yourself to see if you're ready to leverage Twitter to reach millions

Module 12: Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)

"How to Optimize Social Media Marketing and Promotional Reach Utilizing Facebook"

  1. The 3 biggest obstacles to success with Facebook ... and how to overcome them (even when the platform changes rapidly)

  2. Key reasons that businesses incorporate Facebook into their marketing mix

  3. 10 steps to maximizing your reach and influence on Facebook ... including tips to help you limit the amount of time you spend online

I'm Ready to Start »

Plus, You'll Receive 11 Additional Training Resources to Expand Your Internet Marketing "Must Have" Education

Bonus Training #1: Traffic Conversion Secrets

(A $1,497 Value)

There are two types of traffic specialists in the world of Internet marketing: traffic creation specialists and traffic conversion specialists. The former can drive huge numbers of visitors to web sites. The latter know how to turn the visitors into cash-paying customers.

I'm one of the latter. That's why my marketing campaigns and web sites typically outperform most of my colleagues' and competitors' sites.

Here's a little secret: when you know how to maximize the sales and revenue you get with any level of traffic, you can earn a very nice income from even a small traffic stream.

In this 8-module course, you'll learn my top conversion strategies, including:

  • Target Market Strategies: How your target market finds you ... and how to ensure you're found
  • Opt-In Strategies: How to capture the "shy yes" ... so you can convert complete strangers into warm prospects
  • Online Audio Strategies: How to make your websites and emails talk
  • Teleseminar Strategies: How to pull more cash out of your list
  • Copywriting Strategies: How to boost your selling power with words
  • Recycling Strategies: How to monetize your abandonment traffic
  • Autoresponder Strategies: How to grab more sales while you sleep
  • Offline Marketing Strategies: How to crush online competitors

This program originally sold for $1,497 ... but it's yours free when you sign up for Internet Optimization Secrets™.

Bonus Training #2: The Anatomy of a Robotic Classified
Ad System™

(A $149 Value)

Most business owners I know hate hiring employees because it takes so much time to wade through emails and resumes. I created and tested this one-of-a-kind "robotic" system to solve this issue in my own business and life ... it works like gangbusters.

You'll learn how to strategically and affordably use technology to weed out underqualified candidates ... so you speak only with the best of the bunch.

I've used this system to hire bookkeepers, nannies, housekeepers, executive assistants and more. And it takes a tiny fraction of the time it used to take.

For example, the last time I used a traditional hiring process to hire a bookkeeper, I fielded 142 phone calls from a single Craigslist ad. It was nuts and wasted hours of precious time. The first time I used my Robotic Classified Ad System™ to hire a new bookkeeper (mine was leaving to take care of her new baby), I received only 14 calls and set up only 6 interviews (all with 5-star candidates). Best of all, the candidates I located were so great that I ended up hiring 2 people, not 1 as originally planned.

You'll receive a recording and transcript of this powerful training teleseminar, plus samples of the marketing materials I use to find candidates.

Bonus Training #3: Delivering an Effective Presentation – How to Optimize Your Internet Marketing with Public Speaking and the Delivery of Effective Presentations

(A $97 Value)

Public speaking is a proven way to not only attract new clients in face-to-face setting, but also to connect with visitors via audio and video messages on your web site, teleseminars and webinars. Join internationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Joanna Martin as she reveals her time-tested strategies for delivering effective presentations. Discover the 5 keys to developing the right mindset for being a powerful public speaker, 7 steps to effortlessly build an effective presentation, the most common roadblocks that make entrepreneurs shun the spotlight ... and how to overcome them.

Bonus Training #4: Tested Methods that Can Transform Your Annual Income into a Monthly Income by Unlocking the Revenue-Generating Power of Your Telephone

(A $149 Value)

This is a teleseminar that I conducted for presidents of National Speakers Association chapters. Not only do I "tell" on myself throughout the call (all ideas that you can adapt and employ in your own tele-training), the entire call is designed to sell Teleseminar Secrets™. Mirror the techniques and strategies I use in this call to improve your skill at selling from the virtual platform. You'll get access to the audio, the handouts, and PowerPoint presentation.

Bonus Training #5: How to Create Your Own Vision Board

(A $79 Value)

Vision boards are a tried-and-true tool used by the world's highest achievers to maintain focus on their goals. Join Bonnie Bruderer, founder of V.I.S.S. International and a top vision board expert, as she walks you through the core steps of building a vision board that brings your dreams to life.

Bonus Training #6: Web Upsell Secrets

(A $149 Value)

Here's the easy way to increase sales and profits without spending a single dime more on advertising: Master the art of upselling. Learn what to sell, the best time to ask customers to buy more, the best order in which to present products, the crafty way to bump up your teleseminar revenue, and much more. You'll get access to this teleseminar replay, plus a professional transcript.

Bonus Training #7: Copywriting Classics

(A $199.90 Value)

Marketing evolves quickly, but the principles of successful marketing remain the same. From my library of more than 10,000 marketing classics, I've hand-chosen the 6 books that are most critical for you to read, including:

  • The First Hundred Million by E. Haldeman-Julius. Haldeman-Julius was the master of selling books. During the 1920's and 30's, he sold over 200 million of them, nearly 2000 different titles. That gave him the most accurate statistical measurement of what people are interested in paying money to read. These timeless principles are still effective today. (A $25 Value)

  • Million Dollar Sales Letters by Robert Collier. Just before his death, this world-famous copywriter was asked to pick the 15 sales letters he considered to be his best ... from a list of more than 10,000.(A $25 Value)

  • Reason Why Advertising by John E. Kennedy. If ever there was one book that contained the "secrets" of successful advertising and, consequently, the secrets of success in business, this book is it. Written by the man who first defined copywriting as "salesmanship in print," this book reveals the essential principles that have guided the work of every successful copywriter in the history of advertising. (A $25 Value)

  • Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. Discover the scientifically validated truths you must know about what makes for successful marketing. These lessons are as valid today as when the book was written in 1923, making this a "must read" if you're serious about becoming an effective marketer. (A $25 Value)

  • How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time by Gary Halbert. This e-book contains 16 reports from one of the world's legendary marketing geniuses, Gary Halbert. Discover how to get a product to sell if you don't have one, ways to create money-making classified ads, techniques for writing salesletters (even if you've never written before), where to find money to finance your marketing without taking out a loan, and more. (A $49.95 Value)

  • "2001 Greatest Headlines Ever Written." Powerful headlines are essential for grabbing your prospects' attention. This 91-page guide lists the most successful headlines in history. Scan through this handy resource ... pick a few headlines that seem to work well for your project ... then personalize them to fit your project. You'll save hours ... and gain peace of mind from knowing that one of the most critical elements in your web communication success is based on a winner. (A $49.95 Value)

Alex, Give Me Access Now! »

Plus You'll Get Instant Access to 10 Bonus Resources
to Increase Productivity and Revenue

Bonus Gift #1: Conversion Secrets recording rights

(A $497 Value)

Become an instant Internet Marketing Consultant in your area of expertise ... practically overnight.

Just read these transcripts and record your words into an MP3 player or recording device. You should fill up 2 CDs easily. Put your name to that training, put your images on the CD label and box, and you'll soon be on your way! You can sell this product or give it away as a bonus. It's yours to keep.

IMPORTANT: These are "Recording Rights" not reprint rights... so your recordings not the written transcripts are what you're putting your name on. Okay?

Bonus Gift #2: Email Swipe File

(A $4,500 Value)

Writing powerful emails is essential to being able to drive qualified traffic to your website to take advantage of your offers. Many entrepreneurs – especially those who hate to write – freeze up when confronted with a blank screen.

Here's the easiest way I know to blast through writer's block and write effective emails to boot – model your writing on emails that have been proven to work.

I'm giving you access to my personal emails – 242 messages to be exact. Feel free to swipe them – tweak the copy I've used in my best campaigns to write your messages.

You'll receive:

  • 101 of my top-producing emails ... promoting everything from teleseminars, live events, products, affiliate opportunities and more. These are from campaigns I conducted with thought leaders and industry experts like Michael Gerber, Rick Raddatz, Paul Colligan, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Eben Pagen, Stu McLaren, John Childers and more.

  • 23 "teaser" emails that entice prospects to click links and visit your web page to get the full story

  • A 9-part email autoresponder series designed to help purchases "stick." I use this series with my Teleseminar Secrets™ home-study to minimize product refunds – adapt this for use with your own products and events.

  • 25 emails that I and my affiliates used to generate registrations for a preview call used to promote my Virtual Book Tour Secrets™ training program

  • 41 emails (all from separate campaigns) I've used to promote Virtual Book Tours. These campaigns were instrumental in helping authors like T. Harv Eker, Loral Langemeier, Michael Masterson, Bobbi DePorter, Garrett Gunderson, Manny Goldman, and David Bach turn their books into best-sellers.

  • 43 affiliate emails I've used to win top placement when promoting others experts' products, services and events

That's 242 email messages ... all of which you can use as inspiration to easily write your own promotional messages. If you wanted to hire a professional copywriter to craft this number and quality of messages for you, you'd spend at least $4,500. This bonus alone could pay for your investment in Internet Conversion Secrets™. Get access now.

Bonus Gift #3: Web Templates

(A $15,300 Value)

Teleseminars are a key tool to incorporate into your marketing mix to generate leads, build relationships and even create products. This collection of tested templates will allow you to get teleseminars pages up and running in no time. Just hand these time-proven templates over to your webmaster ... adjust the copy as needed ... and you'll be ready to start offering your own events. (Plus, I've even posted training videos so you know exactly how to put these templates to work in your business.)

Bonus Gift #4: Online Web Buttons

(A $1,000 Value)

It may sound simple, even silly ... but the buttons you use on your web site can impact response rates. I've tested dozens of button designs over the years – and the style I use on this web page proven to be most effective. You'll receive special access to a web site where you can create your own buttons just like mine with a few clicks of your mouse.

Bonus Gift #5: WordPress Training Videos

(A $149 Value)

WordPress is the only blog platform I recommend. These 3 handy instructional videos will walk you step-by-step through the process of installing, configuring and managing WordPress.

Bonus Gift #6: Legal Agreement Templates

(A $5,500 Value)

I've spent more than $5,500 hiring attorneys to write legal agreements for the most common transactions you'll engage in when teletraining. You'll receive 8 agreement templates in all – including a testimonial release, joint venture proposal, and non-disclosure agreement. Just customize the documents with your information and you'll be set to go.

Bonus Gift #7: Mastermind Membership

(A $2,500 Value)

As my friend T. Harv Eker likes to say, "It's not just what you know, it's who you know." Knowing the right people can make or break your business success. You'll receive a complimentary membership into the world's first and still largest online mastermind group for Internet marketers, teleseminar marketers, virtual book tour authors, tele-fundraisers and podcasters.

Bonus Gift #8: My Private List of Recommended Resources


These time-saving resources are often overlooked by even the savviest Internet Marketers. Discover the tools I use in my own business to maximize my productivity. New time-saving tools are introduced month after month.

Bonus Gift #9: Access to My Private Vendor Network


I go through an arduous process to find and test vendors. The best of the lot are shared with my students. Find the professionals you need to grow your business, including webmasters, transcriptionists, copywriters, virtual assistants and more.

Bonus Gift #10: Glossary of Electronic Marketing


If you've ever been baffled by the terminology that's tossed around when discussing online marketing, this glossary will be a life safer. This 23-page (and constantly growing) resource defines the terminology I use in my training ... so you'll know exactly what we're talking about, even if you're brand new to Internet marketing.

I'm Convinced! Give Me Access »

Be Smart About Where You Invest
Your Time, Money and Effort

I've spent more than a decade fine-tuning the process of optimizing Internet marketing. Like every business owner, I want to increase sales and profits.

But unlike many, I also want to achieve results with minimal output of time, money and effort.

You'll get the best of what I've learned in Internet Optimization Secrets.

I've invested more than 10,000 hours and $150,000 in my online marketing education in the form of seminars, home-study courses, books, and coaches. If you wanted, you could duplicate my efforts and study what it takes to:

  • Improve web copy
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Generate more traffic
  • Find and build profitable strategic alliances
  • Master social media

And then, of course, you could experiment to find out what works for you.

But I believe in being productive ... which means maximizing your results while minimizing your investment of time, money and effort.

Internet Optimization Secrets™ allows you to achieve that goal. Not only will you discover practical steps to optimize your results, you'll get this valuable advice in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in creating your own optimization system, you can gain access to my hard-won lessons right now ... for only $1,497.

That's a fraction of what I've invested – in time and money – to mastering these lessons myself.

And to make it even easier to take advantage of this powerful system, I've even set up a financing program for you.

Simply put a risk-free deposit of $517 down today ... and your credit card will be automatically billed 2 additional $517 payments, 30 and 60 days from today.

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And of course...

Your Investment Is Protected by
My Famous 2-Part, Total-Satisfaction Guarantee

Part 1
Go through all 12 modules, plus the bonus training, at your leisure during the next 30 days. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact my office at for a hassle-refund of your entire investment.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If the course doesn't live up to your expectations, you don't pay. Get instant access now.

Part 2
Put any 10 of the strategies shared in Internet Optimization Secrets to work for you for the next 365 days. If they don't produce at least a 5x return on your investment after a year – measured in increased revenue, decreased cost, or greater efficiency – I insist on sending you a refund.

Simply contact my office at with an explanation of the 10 strategies you tried and what results you experienced ... and I'll refund every single penny of your investment.

You agree that's more than fair, don't you?

I agree that's more than fair – sign me up! »

Optimize Your Efforts ... and Have More Time

When I first did Dr. Covey's jar-and-rock exercise, I was very clear that only one of my rocks was labeled "business." The other top-priority "rocks" I included in my jar were my family, my health, and personal growth.

By guaranteeing that I consistently made time in my schedule to take care of these priorities, I discovered that I was able to live the dream life that many people put off until retirement, until they're wealthy ... or even until the "tomorrow" that never comes.

So before you decide whether or not to leave this page, think for a minute about what you want the rocks in your jar of life to be.

If you're content having your life be about work and nothing but work – if you're one of those rare people who truly does live to work – well, Internet Optimization Secrets™ might not be for you.

But if you're like most people I know – me included – and you work so that you can live, Internet Optimization Secrets™ may be the ticket that sets you free.

You'll discover the key areas that will produce the biggest return on your investment of time, money and effort...

You'll discover proven strategies for minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency...

And you'll discover how to turn incremental improvements into mastery and greater profits...

Remember, the journey to mastery begins with a single step. Take that step now and reserve your risk-free copy of Internet Optimization Secrets™.

Sign Me Up! »

To your success,

Alex Mandossian


Remember, you'll improve your results ... or you won't pay. Take a full 30 days to go through the entire program and decide whether your investment is worth the modest investment of 3 installments of $517. If not, contact my office for a full refund. Plus, I guarantee that if you use any 10 of these easy-to-use strategies for the next year, you'll generate at least a 5x return on your investment – or your money back. Get started now.

Frequently Asked Questions


"What is taught in each of the 12 Modules?"


Module 1 is about optimizing the pulling power of off-page marketing promotions.

Module 2 is about optimizing templates, tools and technologies to accelerate business growth.

Module 3 is about optimizing on-page web copy to boost conversion.

Module 4 is about utilizing personas to optimize online, offline and in-store customer experiences.

Module 5 is about optimizing conversion on your opt-in pages and website promotions.

Module 6 is about optimizing article marketing to grow your online list faster, better and easier.

Module 7 is about optimizing online PR to rocket the growth and visibility of your business.

Module 8 is about optimizing and cashing in on your search engine traffic and pay-per-click advertising.

Module 9 is about leveraging strategic alliances to optimize performance and profits.

Module 10 is about optimizing social media marketing to attract more customer relationships and profits.

Module 11 is about harnessing the power of Twitter to expand your social reach.

Module 12 is about leveraging Facebook to reach more prospects and customers.

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"How is the Internet Optimization Secrets™ content delivered?"


As soon as your registration is completed, you'll gain instant access to all 12 Internet Optimization Secrets™ training modules. Each module includes audio training that you can listen to online or download to your portable media player and action guides crammed full of case studies that demonstrate the principles being taught.

This private, students-only website also contains all of the bonuses you receive as a thank-you for signing up today.

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"The Internet is changing quickly. Is the Internet Optimization Secrets™ content up to date?"


Absolutely! I often say that a year online is like 7 years offline – that's how fast online marketing evolves. Because online marketing tactics can become outdated in a matter of months (if not weeks), Internet Optimization Secrets™ focuses on the marketing and communication principles that create successful online promotions. You'll be able to apply these principles to today's tactics and tools ... as well as any future tools and innovations.

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"What is the Internet Optimization Secrets™ refund policy?"


If the content fails to exceed your expectations within 30 days of purchase, contact us through our HelpDesk to let us know. We will refund you with only 3 questions asked:

  1. "What happened?"
  2. "What should have happened?"
  3. "How can we make it right?"

If you still want a refund after that 3rd question, you'll get it with no additional questions asked.

Furthermore, I guarantee that if you implement at least 10 of the strategies I share, you'll produce at least a 5x return on your investment after a year – measured in increased revenue, decreased cost, or greater efficiency. If not, I insist on sending you a refund. Simply contact my help desk to let us know what strategies you used and how, as well as the results your achieved.

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